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Do I need the insurance to rent a van?

Yes, you must have your own insurance. If you don’t have personal insurance coverage, consider checking your credit card – it may offer a rental policy if you use it to pay for the rental.

Do you allow to travel out of state?

YES, WE DO. Only with a written approval in the contract by our office. You are responsible to bring the van back to the pick up location. You are responsible of all costs to bring the van back. unless it is mechanical issue at not fault.


Vehicles must be returned to the location as per agreement, Date and Time. Any change must be notified immediately. 

Payment policy

All payments are due when you pick up the vehicle and final payment is due at return of the vehicle. We accept credit card, online payment, check. We require all customers to make a deposit of $250 in advance and is refundable on return of the vehicle as agreed in the contract.

Mechanical break down policy

If any mechanical breakdown, call us immediately 832-371-3173, You can take the van to any Mercedes dealership for repair and keep all the receipts of repair with you for reimbursement. If you can’t repair the van in less than 12 hours in a workshop, you need to find a suitable vehicle for your convenience. We are not responsible for your new rental. We will close our rental agreement from the time of mechanical failure .

Why is there is rental charge authorized on my card at the time of pick up?

The credit card authorization will be an extra safety measure if the van had damages during your rental period. it will be removed if the van had no damages.

After hours drop off?

 After hours, we provide a key drop for our customer’s convenience. However, customers are responsible for the condition of the vehicle until the next business morning and the first opportunity for the vehicle to be checked in by our office.